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RISCBook Laptops

The latest mobile technology
meets RISC OS

lptop.png - 3309 bytes The RISCBook was the first solution to marry the latest mobile computing of Intel's Centrino technology with the RISC OS operating system. The combination of high-performance/ low-power processors (a concept highly familiar to existing RISC OS users!) to provide longer battery life, and also incorporates technologies such as wireless networking for a truly mobile computing solution was quite a revelation! Over time, our range has grown and developed, but these founding principles - performance, mobility and quality - still drive all our laptops.

Please click on this link to read more general information on our laptop machines. The details below are for specific models. We strongly recommend you read the background before reading the details below.

Please note that the models below are representative of what we can offer - if you have a specification or price point in mind, please phone, and we'll usually be able to offer a much wider variety.

RISCBook Go! from £349 inc

The new RISCBook Go! is designed to provide a truly mobile system, bridging the world of laptop and tablet. With a stunning, folding 11.6 inch screen, and full keyboard (including RISC OS-friendly function keys, break and menu etc), this laptop offers long battery life (quoted as 10+ hours) and a wide array of modern features - bluetooth, latest Wifi, USB 3 (inc type-C) and more. It offers both RISC OS and Windows on the go, at a very attractive price. Not as nippy as the more expensive RISCBooks, it still offers a very pleasant experience in both operating systems, and can handle HD video on services like iPlayer or YouTube. Click here to read the launch press release.

RISCBook from £650 inc

laptop3.gif - 8Kb The basic level RISCBook (which is the unit we use when quoting the high performance figures!) features a processor running at least 1.8Ghz (ususally 2Ghz). It has a minimum of 4096Mb (4Gb) of system RAM, and a 250Gb hard drive, which should be plenty of room for your documents and photos. The price includes a 15 inch screen, and a combination CD/DVD writer. It runs both RISC OS 4.02 and Windows 7+, for compatibility with your software, both old and new, and includes our UniPrint to allow printing to almost any printer.

RISCBook+ from £850 inc

We now also offer an enhanced model with dual core CPU, solid state drive for grease-lightening performance (or large hard drive if you prefer), DVD writer and more It includes RISC OS 4.02 or Adjust, Windows 7+, UniPrint, antivirus, firewall, LibreOffice etc. Features such as camera card reader and webcam are typical - please ask for details.

RISCBook+ SE from £1000 inc

rbse.gif - 3717 bytes This is a special edition with faster, dual core (or quad!) processor, with DVD writing, 4Gb of RAM, Solid State Disc, RISC OS Adjust 4.39 and various additional nice features. The widescreen desktop is very appealing for RISC OS users, because you gain lots of additional horizontal space, which does wonders for a cluttered iconbar (you can never have enough iconbar space!). You can work on two documents side by side, or easily view a landscape page on the screen. Price circa £1000inc.

Common features

Certain things apply to all our laptop models, and the list below covers some of the things you can expect to find, whichever machine you choose to buy from us.

  • Wireless networking (and wired networking)
  • 3 or more USB 2 ports
  • Audio inputs/outputs
  • VGA (external monitor) output and usually HDMI too
  • around 2.5kg weight (with battery installed) which is pretty light
  • Mains charger unit
  • Antivirus, DVD software, CD writing and MS-compatible office suite
  • UniPrint is included, allowing printing to almost any printer

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Additional variants available

The models listed above only represent a few more common models in our range. We also offer smaller and larger screen sizes (eg. 13.3", 14.1" and 17") amongst other variants. We encourage potential customers to phone us on (+44) (0)1925 755043 to discuss other options if they have particular requirements (eg. particular ports, or ultra-high resolution screens etc). The speed of change in this market means that we are constantly our range to introduce, higher speeds, and more, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more.