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  RISCube Ultra
  Core power on your desktop

Stunning performance.  Whisper quiet.  Gorgeous looks.
RISCube Ultra

Stop Press: RISCube Ultra now uses the more recent Core series processor, which is derived from the original technology, but offers twin (or quad) processors and higher performance.

Sometimes it pays to do things a little different. That's certainly what we found with the technology found in our RISCube Ultra system. The processor at the heart of this machine comes not from the usual desktop world, but from the latest laptop designs. If you read about our laptops by clicking here, you'll find that we were astounded at the performance levels offered by the Centrino platform - eclipsing even the latest pure-ARM desktop RISC OS systems in most tests. We knew immediately that we wanted to see this technology in a desktop machine, with desktop parts (eg. hard drives, memory, graphics cards) and that's what we have finally been able to do with the RISCube Ultra. The result - RISC OS results over 40% faster than the most expensive "Desktop" processors available!

silultra.jpg - 4Kb The good news doesn't stop there though. These chips draw minimal power, and therefore generate much less heat than their usual desktop counterparts, allowing for virtually silent operation. It is even possible to run these systems completely without fans, but we choose to use one for reliability in diverse climates - it can't be heard above ambient computer noise (hard disc etc). The improvement in work environment offered by this extra quietness (as compared with systems sold by many other companies, or DIY solutions) is profound.

Default RISCube Ultra specification - £999 inc

  • Intel Core technology with 3.2+Ghz CPU
  • 8192Mb of high speed memory (RAM) with heat spreaders for reliability
  • Solid Sate main drive for speed, and secondary hard drive for bulk storage
  • DVD/CD drive with high speed CD burning
  • Fanless graphics for minimal noise
  • PCIex and PCI slots allow for additional expansion cards
  • High Definition surround sound
  • 10/100/1000 speed networking
  • 6x USB 2 ports, 2x USB3 ports, optional printer port
  • RISC OS 4.02 operating system, and Windows 7+
  • UniPrint software allowing RISC OS to print to almost any printer
  • Software bundle including CD burning, DVD movie player, fully MS-compatible office suite, Antivirus, graphics/photo software and lots more

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