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  Two computer platforms
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When 17th Century author John Donne wrote "No man is an island", it is safe to say that he probably wasn't thinking about computing. However, it is an adage which has never been more applicable. The spread of technology and communications has given rise to a world where access to information, and being able to handle data in different formats, has become essential. Whether you need to view all manner of websites, open work documents at home, or send holiday photos to friends and family, the ability to handle all types of information is essential.

However, if you're reading this, you probably realise that just because something is "industry standard" doesn't mean it is necessarily "best", and that's where our RISCube machines come in. The RISC OS operating system featured on RISCube machines is much loved by its users for its ease of use, quality software and unique features (eg. the beautiful text/font display, neat organised desktop, and drag'n'drop simplicity), but with the prevalance of Windows machines at work and with friends/family, existing in a pure-RISC OS environment can be tricky.

RISC OS + Windows = RISCubeRISCube machines blend together both RISC OS and Windows into a single machine, offering the best of both worlds. Indeed, the ease by which information can be shared between the two environments leads one to suggest that a RISCube exceeds the sum of its parts, drawing everything together into a neat, convenient package. A RISCube allows you to use your favourite RISC OS applications - eg. Impression, Messenger Pro, Ovation, Fireworks and so on - whilst also being able to handle Windows files and programs.

For example, it is perfectly possible to be web browsing with Internet Explorer on Windows (allowing you to look at websites which might cause trouble for RISC OS web browsers), whilst doing your email in Messenger Pro in RISC OS (for security - email is a favourite way-in for viruses and other problems). Alternatively, perhaps you have software that you need to run which only runs on Windows (eg. games or special interest software, such as mapping or bell-ringing) - you can use it without having to sacrifice your RISC OS software. Other technological devices such as mobile phones, or MP3 players often require special software only available for Windows, making a combined RISC OS + Windows system highly attractive.

The Standard RISCube

standard2.gif - 14Kb The standard RISCube provides an entry level machine fulfilling the role described above. Our philoosphy when it comes to building and supplying computers is to "only sell products we'd happily use ourselves" which means that the Standard RISCube is fully featured. RISC OS performance is noticeably above that of a StrongArm RiscPC (often dramatically so), whilst Windows glides along happily dealing with web browsing, word processing, digital photos, and so on.

Obviously we would encourage users to look at "High spec" and "Ultra" RISCubes in terms of future proofing if funds are available, but we know that the Standard specification machine will still give excellent results for years to come. We often receive phone calls from customers for whom their 'Cubes have become irresistibly loved family members - and it isn't hard to see why!

Standard RISCube specification - £699 inclusive

  • Minium of 3000+ processor (depending upon availability)
  • 4096Mb of high speed memory (RAM) with heat spreaders for reliability
  • 500Gb Hard Drive
  • DVD/CD drive with CD writing capability
  • Fanless graphics for minimal noise
  • 5.1 channel surround sound
  • 10/100/1000 speed networking
  • 6x USB 2 ports
  • Graphics card and PCI expansion slots
  • RISC OS 4.02
  • Windows 7+
  • UniPrint software allows printing to almost any printer
  • Software bundle including CD burning, DVD movie player, fully MS-compatible office suite, Antivirus, graphics/photo software and lots more

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