Operating System

The operating system (OS) for your computer is an important choice, as it not only determines what software you can run, but also affects the price quite considerably.

The standard OS for the SpaceCube is Windows Home edition (with latest service pack), which is the most recent release of Windows. It runs a vast array of programs, and because of its pedigree (WinNT and Win2000 rather than Win95/98) it is a secure, robust operating system, with good networking capability.

Windows Professional offers more security, encryption and high-end networking facilities for business/corporate users. For home users, it offers little benefit, apart from supporting Remote Desktop, a feature which allows you to drive the machine from a different machine. This functionality is similar to the Remote Control software bundled with all SpaceCubes, and Remote Control has special support for this too. However, whether it is really worth the extra for most users is hard to say.

Microsoft's latest operating system is Windows 10. At launch, it is somewhat rough around the edges, and driver support is not as mature as it should be (ie. potential for oddities with some programs). We offer Win 10 as an option on some machines, and it is arguably more appealing on the eye! However, if in doubt, you should pick Windows 7 because it is a more mature, established solution. If you like the idea of cutting-edge, then perhaps Win 10 is for you, and we'll do our best to support you, but please be aware that we cannot be resposible for any software incompatibilities/glitches caused by early adoption. We can give more comprehensive advice on Win 10 over the phone.

Linux is available as an option for those who wish to avoid Microsoft. Doing so will close many doors software-wise, but there are many who want to have their SpaceCube Linux-ified. You may be surprised by the cost difference between Linux and no operating system. The reason for there being a big difference is that Linux takes time to install, and this has to be factored into the price.

Finally, if you already have an operating system, or want the "fun" of installing everything yourself, you can save yourself a fair amount of money by choosing not to have an operating system.

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