We only sell optical/laser mice (mice without moving balls) because we feel the quality of such mice is far superior to the ball-based mice of old. We cannot see a point in purchasing a new computer system, and crippling it with a ball-based mouse that gets gunged up and jerky.

We offer a variety of models - the standard MS Optical mouse is an ideal choice, with three buttons (the middle button is a clickable wheel) ideal for use under RISC OS or Windows. If you are still using a ball-based mouse, have *no* hesitation in selecting one of these!

The Logitech MX510 is probably the most precise/best mouse currently available, having a very high optical resolution, and benefiting from *not* being wireless. Wired mice are still a little more responsive than their wireless counterparts.

Finally, we offer the Logitech MX1000 wireless laser mouse. Laser technology is the latest advancement in mice and goes beyond optical technology. It works on many surfaces that would trip up regular optical mice, whilst also increasing the resolution/accuracy. The MX1000 is also wireless (not everyone likes wireless mice), and comes with a cradle which you can put the mouse in when not in use, to recharge.

We use all the above mice in the office, so they all come with our usual seal of approval - "We sell what we'd want to use ourselves"!

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