Hard disc

Your hard disc is the place where you keep all your programs, even when you're not running them. In many ways, you can never have enough hard disc space, but in practise think about what you're going to use your computer for.

Windows itself takes about 1Gb, and an office suite may gobble up to another 1.5Gb. Most utilities will take no more then 50-100Mb (0.05-0.1 Gb) whereas full blown apps may be 100-300Mb. The real space-hogs tend to be games, video editing, and large MP3/movie collections. For most people, 80Gb is still plenty of space, and 160+ more than enough. Programs that you don't use can easily be un-installed to free up space, so a large hard disc is not imperative. Also, if you don't have a floppy disc, you can fit a second hard disc to your SpaceCube later.

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