Floppy drive

The standard SpaceCube doesn't normally come with a floppy drive. How can this be? Well, the floppy drive has largely been consigned to history in the PC world, as (there's bound to be one exception!) all software is now supplied on CD. For many people it can be hard to shed the desire for a good old floppy drive, but will you actually use it?

It's worth remembering that with the built-in networking, there's no need to use a floppy disc to transfer files, nor to back up data. Additionally, if you are backing things up, a CD writer is likely to be more useful. If you choose not to have a floppy drive, you have room to add something else into the slot (eg. another hard disc, or perhaps a smart card reader).

On the subject of media card readers, we offer those too! These units allow you to read lots of different kinds of "media disc" as used by digital cameras, MP3 players and the like. These are proving very popular, because they make it much easier to transfer pictures and music too/from your computer.

If you do need a floppy disc, would a USB-connected external one be more useful? With many laptops (and other desktop machines) coming without floppy drives now, having one you can easily move between machines may actually be better. We offer you the choice.

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