The main use for a CD/DVD drive is to install programs onto your computer. Almost all programs come on CD, so opting for "just" a high speed CD is barely a sacrifice. You can also use your CD drive to play music CDs. For the record, the CD drive is NOT a cup holder!!!

The DVD capability allows you to watch DVD movies on your machine, and use the (tiny amount of) software which may come on DVD. At the time of writing, it would be hard to name more than half a dozen DVD programs, and they are all also available on CD.

Next, we offer a combination CD writer (and re-write) / DVD unit. This will read CDs at high speed, and write them at high speed too. It will also play DVD movies and read data DVDs. Since it doesn't add massively to the price, this is a popular upgrade.

Finally, for those wanting to write DVD's, we offer a drive which will write CD-R, CD/RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW and dual layer (for higher capacity). Phew! It'll read almost anything too!!

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